Women’s Wellness Seminar

Women’s wellness morning inspires

Living a better and healthier life is starting to become a bigger and vital trend in society. A Women’s Wellness seminar was held of 20 April to inspire and inform women about how to live more organically and be alert on how to eliminate toxins in our bodies.

Juanitte from Bi’Organic Hair Health & Beauty Studio organised the event at Zest Restaurant where Dr Hein van Wyk from White River and Dr Anthony de Pontes from Nelspruit were guests speakers who spoke about how to detox your body in various ways. Dr van Wyk addressed the ladies about stem cell implementation and how it can help the body to restore inflammation to assist in not getting sick. He said that one of the biggest health problems is toxicity in the body.  Dr van Wyk has a very successful method to cleanse the body with a six week intracellular detox course, which he performs and gets outstanding results from.

Dr van Wyk mentioned that three years ago he would still say that is acceptable to use chemical hair dye, but in today’s age, he highly recommends that organic hair dye is used due to the high toxicity it possesses. This can be found at Bi’Organic with their new range called OWay. Bi’Organic will evaluate their clients’ hair to determine what needs to be done and to make their hair and beauty’s well-being as a whole healthier and stronger.

Dr Anthony de Pontes practices alternative health and spoke about oestrogen dominance and how it affects our everyday life. He mentioned that we are exposed to so much of this hormone daily, which affects weight gain, illnesses, etc. It is very important to invest in an organic lifestyle such as organic food, organic cleaning products, and organic make-up and hair products. It is also important to control stress levels and include enough fibre in one’s diet. He has a process to assist in detoxing organs and the body to shed metals and excess oestrogen called chelating.  

Both the doctors reiterated that it is vital to eat clean and whole foods, people should try to eliminate bad starches and sugars as far as possible as this assists inflammation to form in one’s body, which leads to us becoming ill. The morning was well received by the guests, which was a sold out event. 

For more information, please contact Juanitte Pieterse on 071675 8001 or email her on info@oway.co.za.

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