Become a Member – Value added benefits

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Benefit 1 – Super Savings with Gold & Platinum Membership Cards, Every time

Benefit 2 – Fabulous Prices worth R22,500

Benefit 3 – Healthy Non-toxic Studios

Benefit 4 – Lustrous hair and longer lasting results


How to become a Gold or Platinum Member;

  • Register for free by completing our guest registration form below. 
  • On the registration form select the type of Membership that best suits your needs. Alternatively you can also register at Bi’Organic Studio Nelspruit.
  • Have your Healthiest Happiest Hair Treatments done at Bi’Organic Studio at least every 6 weeks for you to receive your discounts Every time!
  • Purchase your Best after care products at Bi’Organic Studio and SAVE on your hair care range big time Every time!
  • Secure your future appointments by making your healthier happier hair appointments in advance at a time most suitable for you within the 6 weeks time period. Please note: – Bookings are essential to avoid Disappointments !