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Welcome to OWAY

Oway, a brand destined to revolutionise the hair styling industry, which no hair stylist nor client can afford to be. This revolutionary product is set to transform hairstyling not only in South Africa, but worldwide.

Oway is an earth conscious product line. Its ‘green chemistry’salons come internationally acclaimed by industry experts such as the US’ Dustin Stone. Basically, ‘green chemistry’ has proven that stylists can obtain excellent results with their clients’ hair without using harsh and aggressive, toxic substances.

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OWAY Academy

In 2018, the first for South Africa, a profound Green Chemistry Hair Academy, also known as OWAY Hair Academy will open its doors for the new generation in hairdressing as well as for the current hairstylist wishing to further educate her- or himself in the field of green chemistry . Training in green chemistry allows hairdressers and their clients to be part of the trending international green movement. Inherent to this movement is the notion of continuous upliftment and improvement.

Beautiful, Luxurious and Ethical Professional Hair Care, Styling and Colour

At Oway we believe our customers deserve an exquisite range of hair care products and that our planet deserves to be saved and respected. Oway’s professional organic hair care products are artfully formulated with biodynamic botanicals, organic ingredients, and pure essential oils. All products are certified cruelty-free and are free from common toxic ingredie

OWAY believe in the perfection of nature

We believe that using healthier, more natural ingredients, rich in active ingredients and without harsh chemical treatments, is healthier for our bodies and increases the quality and well-being of our lives. From the biodynamic medicinal herbs it’s possible to obtain precious actives and essential oils according to natural processes. The essential oils not only give rise to intoxicating fragrances (not synthetically fragrances), but they are also functional active ingredients on hair and emanate calming, restoring and refreshing effects on mind and body.

Beauty or health? I don't want to choose!

The developments of Green Chemistry demonstrate that it is possible to obtain excellent products without using harsh, aggressive and toxic chemical substances, preferring naturally derived ingredients that improve the hair structure from one treatment to the next. Pure oils, waxes, butters and vegetable emollients are the key to the effectiveness of OWay treatments. Naturally derived boosters give shine, protection and lasting health to your hair. Phyto-protein blends re-plump the hair fiber, improving its structure from one treatment to the next.

What does it mean to be Oway-ans?

It means to choose a healthy, authentic and responsible lifestyle. It means to let yourself be inspired, live new habits in everyday life, follow OW’s tips for your wellbeing and the prosperity of our planet. It means to choose to de-toxify yourself from chemical agents by choosing products rich in organic, bio-dynamic ingredients. It means to choose to be seduced by sublime blends of essential oils, phytoperoteins and nourishing butters. It means to choose your packaging stylish and recyclable. It means to choose a brand with a human face, that buys from fair trade networks and develops Eco-sustainable products. It means to choose quality, consistency, transparency and enthusiasm. It means to choose an exceptional hair care range that delivers salon professional efficacy.


The true contemporary luxury is the time we dedicate to taking care of ourselves. We offer our customers the multi-sensory experience of a SPA hair salon which offers exclusive services created for beauty, well-being and relaxation. A salon where consultation and service personalisation reach standards of excellence and uniqueness.

Aromatherapy - enter a fragrant and purified head spa salon

A good fragrance is like a welcome without the need for words. Nothing creates a more profound, clearly identifiable, memory-linked impression than an experience. With ESSENTIAL CLOUD DIFFUSER the Head Spa salon, spreads the NOTA fragrance in the room, which combines the liveliness of citrus fruits, the freshness of fennel and the sensuality of vanilla.

Release your tension with OWAY welcome message

In our HEAD SPAs we have created a special welcome ceremony consisting of simple gestures and massages, carefully chosen and carried out in a specific sequence – from head to shoulders – to relax tension and prepare you for an even more pleasant salon session.

Bio-dynamic Tasting - A blend of Aromatic Herbs, Fruits & Bio-dynamic Flowers Accurately Selected

AROMA is a perfect and sublime combination, a blend consisting of biodynamic and organic ingredients. Thanks to the WELCOME SET you will receive special attention in the Head Spas.

Ask for your Specialised Scal Analysis

Using the TRICHO-ANALYZER the hair diagnostics will be accurate and customised. The state of your hair and scalp will be visualised, any flaws will be identified, treatment proposals will be customised and progress over the course of the treatment will be highlighted

Customised Advice that Creates Empathy & Harmony

Through the questions and listening, your hairdresser will make a proposal for cutting and styling in line with your desires and your lifestyle needs.

Bio-dynamic Styling - For the Well being of the Scalp & Hair

To set the hairstyle, the Organic Way professional products are used. They are based on the world of natural, biodynamic, organic formulation and on a clean chemistry.

Holistic Colouring - A Customised Colouring Session for Every Customer

In the Head Spa Salon through Morpho-chromatic analysis will recommend the best proposals for custom coloring made Hcolor and Hnectar, our holistic color lines and skin-compatible.

Product Line

The OW Head.SPA line was designed for use not only on hair and scalp, but also on the face and entire body. Every product becomes an essential part of your beauty routine both at the salon and at home.

Who is an OWAY Client

She knows that perception is reality. A chic hairstyle, therefore, is central to her elegantly and stylishly fashionable polished look. Yet she is more than “a look”. She cares for the earth and understands that we should promote sustainability.

• An Oway client possesses true beauty. “We believe true beauty is achieved when you look and feel your best. To us, that means choosing products that are in line with your values and do not harm your hair, health or our planet.” – Rebecca Gregory, Simply Organic’s Education Director.

• She maintains high standards. “All products must also perform to the highest standard, and we believe we’ve found that perfect balance with our Oway line.” – Rebecca Gregory, Simply Organic’s Education Director.

• Simplicity is her ultimate form of sophistication. Dustin Stone describes Oway packaging as “very clean, chic, modern and simple.” This is a metaphor for the must-have product.

• She knows no limits. Oway knows no limits. The Oway salon has an exceptionally skilled team. If the sky is the limit, Oway luxurious excellence extends beyond even the furthest horizons. You cannot afford a head of hair not blessed with the Oway difference.

Hairstylists and Salon owners are invited to participate in our high-end seminars during which they will learn everything they need to know about the exciting brand.

Choosing OWAY as your training partner means having an Eco-organic approach to training. Education and training are the essential tools through which OWAY transmits its corporate culture to clients, telling about the market it moves in and the way it is going along, but also developing technique and creativity.

An even more understandable philosophy if you consider that, nowadays, the correct use of the product must go along with the product knowledge in order to retain existing clients and acquire new ones. The added value in the professional sector like hairdressing where it is essential to constantly update oneself on changes in the market is to deliver an immediate and effective response to the client’s needs in terms of training and its wishes for professional growth.

Get the Oway edge today. Call 071-675-8001 or Pay a visit to our Oway Green Chemistry Salon and Hair Academy, at shop 59, Sonpark Centre, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga

OWAY Benefits :

From the Purest ingredients in Nature to the purest colour infusion in the salon

  • NO Amonia and/or bothersome ammonia smells – For the Well-being of the Hair Stylist and customers,
  • NO Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), – it reduces the risk of contact allergies, where PPD is one of the Major causes
  • NO Resoricinol, – It Reduces the skin sensitizationRisk associated to this ingredient
  • NO Alcohol, – For the Highest level of Hair and Scalp Protection
  • NO Perfume, – For a Highly Hypoallergenic Treatment
  • NO Mineral Oil – For milder Hair Dyeing
  • Water content 100% purified

OWAY Offerings

  • Amazing Radiant and B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l Colors to choose from that Guaranteed to last longer, thanks to the micro-stimulating and phyto proteins – Thus, NO more Fading!
  • 100% coverage of grey hair – thanks to the micro-stimulating and phyto proteins
  • Unique and Reliable variations of Blonds – Including Platinum and Silver High Lights to die for !! No more damage to Hair and Scalp!! – Hair ARE Respected and Treated during lightening proses– leaving hair Silky Soft with a Wonderful Glossy shine – NO more the ordinary, average and/or dull yellowish and damaged Blond Hair
  • Super Advanced and Absolute Effective Treatments for damaged, dry, frizzy, brittle and/or fine hair GUARANTEED
  • Highly Recommended and Effective Treatments for all Scalp Imbalances
  • Gentle on the Scalp, Relieves irritation and allergies
  • Stunning Presentable Eco-sustaining packaging
  • All the above are done in the Most Pure and Clean Organic Way – No more Harm to Hair, Beauty, skin & Health.

OWAY Green Chemistry

No more Dull, dry and/or damaged hair

  • No more Dandruff and various types of psoriasis
  • No more Itchiness,
  • No more Sensitive Scalp
  • No more Hair loss due to scalp imbalances
  • No more Toxins and Harsh Chemicals
  • No more Ammonia fumes