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Take your First step to a Healthier Happier work experience, and apply with us today

If you’re looking for an amazing, healthier happier work experience, then you have arrived at the right place.   You will be renewed to meet and greet the challenges of your life with a better outlook, more compassion, and more confidence. You can apply by completing the form below and please remember to attach your detailed CV.

By offering our unique, natural and ethical hair & health care alternative our Studio stand out from the crowd. Clients love our Bi’Organic difference – and get hooked on our healthier approach to outstanding results.

It’s Caring about Your own Beauty as well as those of our Clients in a Soft, Lovingly & Natural Elegant way possible, because you Love Yourself and our Clients and it Shows… !!!

Hair & Skin that will be TOXIC FREE and NATURALLY HEALTHIER, Alluring with Radiant Head Turning Shine !

It’s Soft, It’s Elegant, It’s Feminine, It’s Pure, It’s Clean, It’s Fresh, It’s Attractive and It’s Special! –

Our Rapidly Growing Studio is currently taking applications for Talented Stylist and Beauticians to Join Our Team. Sign on bonus with following, 3 years’ experience in the Hair and/or Beauty industry will be an advantage.  Must be committed to learn about alternative ways to create Beauty Naturally using only Bi’Organic’s Hair & Health Care Products. Environmentally Conscious, Professional Appearance and Excellent Guest Services is essential, because you & our Clients are Worth IT.

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