3. Healthy Non-toxic Studios

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Healthy Non-toxic Studios

Ammonia, the agent traditionally tasked with opening hair cuticles and allowing color to penetrate was causing burning and sensitivity to many clients. As an ingredient it’s ultimately very harsh on both the head of the client and the hands of the stylist.

The chemical exposure and dangerous fumes given off by ammonia can compound themselves to cause health issues from eye and skin irritation, breathing problems, to causing bladder and various other cancers and is even questioned as a carcinogenic product.

It became evident that our guests and ourselves needed an environment where healthy and sustainable beauty is paramount.

  • At Bi’Organic Studios We offer our clients a healthy non-toxic salon where guests don’t have to compromise themselves for exceptional hair services. 
  • Our guests no longer have to tolerate an unhealthy hair service. They can breathe easy and get the look they deserve with supreme performance without unhealthy chemicals.
  • Our certified organic products help detox your hair and scalp from chemical overload.