Bi’Organic Studio & Salon Systems are fortunate to be home to the first Bio-Dynamic Green Chemistry, the ORGANIC WAY OF LIFE also known as OWAY Hair & Beauty Products for the Hair Salon & Beauty in-Salons Services.  Green Chemistry is distinguished from other products through its certified organic and biodynamic hair and beauty products which are safer, gentler, natural and performs to the highest professional standards.

What sets Green Chemistry apart form other products is the absence of harsh and toxic chemicals, through the use of naturally derived ingredients which are not only natural but which also improves hair structure.  Pure Oils, waxes, vegetable butters and emollients are the key to the effectiveness of our treatments, naturally derived boosters bring lightness, protection and health to the hair and overall well-being. Blends of phyto-proteins plumps the hair fiber, improving the structure, treatment after treatment.


Our products and services are especially sought after by Clients and Salon Owners who are conscious of making healthy choices for both their clients and staff. These customers has also realized the great advantage and benefit that people suffering from serious health conditions can and do also benefit from the cleaner bio-dynamic approach because – 

ALL our Products are internationally certified: Reducing the risk of Serious Medical conditions such as; various Cancers, Allergies, Alzheimer, Headaches, Burning of eyes & skin, Skin irritations as well as Miscarriages among female stylists, etc. 

  • Contains no GMO’s, No Ammonia or Thioglycolates, No Parabens, No Pthalates, No Resorcinol, No Propylene Glycol, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Plastic, No Petroleum Waste
  • NO Animal Testing.
  • Pure & Safe for both client’s as well as for staff’s hair, scalp, hands and overall health.
  • Formulated to maintain protein and moisture levels in hair. Suitable for all hair types.
  • Pure & safe for the environment. *No more water- & environmental Pollution.
  • No damages to the Hair, Scalp, Body, Lungs & Bloodstream, No Ammonia-  or any other Harsh chemical  gas to be inhaled.
  • Contains Biodynamic Certified Organic Ingredients which detoxifying hair from chemical Agents full of Aggressive & Toxic Substances.
  • Does not take the hair from isometric (pH) point as other chemical colors do.
  • No irritation on the skin and burning on the hair & Reduces the risk of allergic reactions on scalp.
  • Reducing the risk of Serious Medical conditions such as; various cancers, allergic reactions, Alzheimer, headaches, burning of eyes & skin, as well as miscarriages among female stylists, etc.
  • Use Pharmaceutical grade peroxide, which is used in contact lenses and eye drops.
  • Great health & healing Advantages in the sublime blends of Essential Oils, Phyto-Proteins and Nourishing Butters.

It’s a Brand and Studio with a Human Face that Purchases over fair trade networks and develops Eco-Sustainable Projects. You will have and experiences great Quality, Consistency, Transparency and Enthusiasm,…