Welcome to OWAY South Africa


OWAY Head.Spa began with an inspirational vision to set ourselves apart – Highly respectable standards of hairdressing, well-pleased and satisfied clients as well as ambitious and passionate stylists. Our formidable and innovative management team is continuously building a stylish ultra-modern-orientated Head.Spa company that will always be the developing and trend leader in the hairdressing industry.

We love animals e PETA

Organic Way is not, nor will it ever be, tested on animals. For European Union manufacturers, testing on animals has been banned since 2004 on the finished cosmetic and since 2009 for raw materials

Pure Water

To preserve the purity of our products to the maximum, the water contained in them undergoes two natural purifying treatments: reverse osmosis and ozonisation.

Best Practices

There is a company of people behind Organic Way who works together to achieve one goal: to promote a healthy and positive lifestyle.

OWAY SA is proud to sponsor the 2019 Mrs Mpumalanga pageant Finalist

Career Today


OW MEN is the Organic Way collection of facial, beard, body and hair products that encloses the power of three extraordinary manifestations of nature in every formula.


We love nature!


With our daily actions, we can all take care of the greatest of treasures: Planet EARTH.

At Organic Way, we respect the environment in a concrete and tangible way. We help reduce pollution caused by plastic waste by using only 100% recyclable, infinitely reusable glass and aluminium containers for all OW products (not waste, but resources!).

70.8% of the Earth is made up of water. We now ask you to focus precisely on this point: try to close your eyes and imagine our oceans filled with waste